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Finding the Maximum Value from a LookupSet in Bold Reports using Custom Code


When working with Bold Reports, you may encounter a scenario where you need to find the maximum value from a set of values returned by the LookupSet function. The LookupSet function is commonly used to retrieve a set of values that are associated with a specified key or set of keys from a dataset. However, finding the maximum value within this set requires additional steps. Below is a guide on how to achieve this using custom code within Bold Reports.

Using Custom Code to Find Maximum Value

To find the maximum value from a set of values returned by LookupSet, you can use custom code in your report. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click the grey background of the report area, then find the Code option in the Properties panel to access the code module.


  2. In the code editor, insert the following VB code snippet. This function calculates the maximum value from an array of values:


    Function GetMaxValue(values As Object()) As Integer
      Dim maxValue As Integer = Integer.MinValue
          For Each value As Object In values
              If Not IsNothing(value) AndAlso IsNumeric(value) Then
                  Dim numericValue As Integer = Convert.ToInt32(value)
                  maxValue = Math.Max(maxValue, numericValue)
              End If
      Return maxValue
    End Function
  3. After adding the custom code to your report, you can use the GetMaxValue function in an expression to find the maximum value from a LookupSet. Here’s an example expression:

    =Code.GetMaxValue(LookupSet(Fields!EmployeeID.Value, Fields!EmployeeID.Value, Fields!Rate.Value, "DataSet2"))


Note: Replace Fields!EmployeeID.Value and Fields!Rate.Value with the appropriate field references for your report, and “DataSet2” with the name of the dataset that you are using.

Preview snapshot:


By following the steps outlined above, you can successfully retrieve the maximum value from a set of values returned by the LookupSet function in Bold Reports.

You can download the sample report from here.

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