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How to create the Cover Page for a Report in Bold Reports?


In Bold Reports, you can create a cover page for your report using a rectangle report item with a page break property. Incorporating a cover page enhances the quality of presentation and documentation of your report, making it more visually appealing and professional. Follow the steps below to create a cover page for your report:

Create the cover page using Rectangle
  1. Begin by dragging and dropping the rectangle report item from the item panel onto the design area. Inside this rectangle item, you can create your customized cover page.


  2. To ensure the cover page is displayed as a separate page, add a page break for the rectangle report item. Additionally, enable the Page Number Reset option, which will reset the page numbering for the subsequent pages of the report.


  3. After completing the design of your cover page within the rectangle report item, proceed to design the rest of your report with the necessary details.


  4. Once your report is ready, you can preview it to see how the cover page and subsequent pages are visualized.



Download the above report design below

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