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How to use Table item instead of using the Classic Syncfusion Report Platform Grid item?


Replaced the Syncfusion Report Platform Grid ReportItem with our brand new table ReportItem in our Bold Report Designer. The table ReportItem has additional unique features as follows.

  1. Row and column grouping
  2. Total support for row and column groups
  3. Filter and sort expressions support for groups
  4. Cell customization support
  5. Cell merging support
  6. Support to insert other ReportItems
  7. Visual clues to indicate row and column groups

Alternative action in Table ReportItem instead of Grid ReportItem

Data assign

Grid ReportItem

The grid ReportItem uses the data assign panel by which the fields need to be added as shown in the following image.
Grid Data Assign

Table ReportItem

The table ReportItem is provided with the Table Data Assign menu, which helps to assign the fields to the particular cell more precisely.
Table Data Assign

Adding column

Grid ReportItem

On drag and drop the dataset fields in the data assign panel, new columns will be added in the grid ReportItem as shown in the following image.
Grid Column

Table ReportItem

Multiple columns can be added in the table dynamically using the Table Context menu as shown in the following image.
Table Column


Grid ReportItem

The grid ReportItem is provided with default header, which can be modified with the properties provided in the property panel.
Grid Header

Table reportitem

The Table ReportItem considers each cell as an individual and has the option to provide static values wherever required using the Add Text feature present in Table Data Assign menu.
Table Header
If you need to create a header row in table ReportItem, then you need to provide the static text values as mentioned above and click the whole row to modify it using the properties provided in the property panel.
Table row

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