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What can Users with Admin Permissions in UMS (User Management System) and Sites?


Users with admin permissions in the User Management System (UMS) and within specific reporting sites hold significant control and responsibilities. These admin users have the authority to manage various aspects of user accounts, access privileges, and site configurations. Here’s an overview of what users with admin permissions can do in both UMS and reporting sites:

Admin Permissions in UMS:

  • Add, Edit, and Delete User Accounts: Administrators can create new user accounts, modify existing user information, and deactivate or delete user accounts when necessary.
  • Assign Permissions: Administrators can assign new admin roles to other users.
  • Create and Manage Reporting Sites (Tenants): Administrators can establish and manage multiple reporting sites (also known as tenants) to organize and segregate reporting environments based on departments, clients, or projects.
  • Define Site Settings: They can configure site-specific settings, such as branding, appearance, and access controls, ensuring each reporting site’s uniqueness.

Admin Permissions within Reporting Sites (Tenants):

  • User Account Management: Site administrators can add, edit, and delete user accounts within their assigned reporting site.
  • Group Management: They can create, modify, and delete user groups within their reporting site, facilitating better permissions management.
  • Assign and Modify Group Permissions: Admins can assign specific permissions to user groups within their site, controlling access to reports and resources.
  • Control User Access: They have the authority to grant or revoke user access to the reporting site and its contents.
  • Configure Site Settings: Site administrators can adjust site-specific settings, including design, layout, and data sources, to tailor the reporting environment.
  • Content Management: They can manage the reports, data sources, and data sets available within their reporting site, ensuring proper organization and availability of content.

For instructions on enabling admin permissions for UMS and Reporting Sites, please refer to the guidelines.

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