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Converting Byte Data to Gigabytes in Bold Reports


Converting byte data to gigabytes is a common requirement for better data comprehension, especially when dealing with large values in reports. This Knowledge Base article explains the process of converting byte data to gigabytes in Bold Reports. This conversion enhances the readability and understanding of data for end-users, allowing them to view large values in a more relatable and easily digestible format.

To achieve this requirement, please follow the steps below:

  1. Drag and drop a tablix report item and map the bytes data field to it.
  2. Edit the mapped bytes data field expression and convert the expression to gigabytes by dividing the bytes data by 1073741824.
=Fields!YourField.Value / 1073741824

In the context of this conversion, 1 gigabyte (GB) is equivalent to 1073741824 bytes. For reference, this value is obtained by dividing the byte value by “1073741824”.

  1. Save and preview the report. The bytes data are converted to gigabytes and previewed in the table.

Users can also format the converted field values as per their requirements.

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